Coffee cake recipes are one of my favorite things to bake. I grew up with coffee cake being served regularly from my mom’s kitchen.

We feature a variety of simple coffee cake recipes, many of which are family recipes that have been passed down.

Pouring maple syrup on coffee cake.

German Coffee Cake

My mom was famous for her coffee cake. It’s a simple coffee cake made with yeast, and like her homemade pies, this old-fashioned dessert is almost a part of my DNA. I lost my mom far too early in life, but I take immense comfort in knowing that her love and legacy live on through recipes like these. The Streusel Kuchen (German coffee cake) that my mom made will always be the best coffee cake recipe, in my food-loving opinion!

What is Coffee Cake?

Coffee cake is a delicious and easy recipe that has been enjoyed for centuries. The typical type of cake is often served with a warm cup of coffee, hence its name. Coffee cake can be made in various flavors and is a great breakfast cake or snack cake. I grew up eating this sweet treat. Here is a quick history of coffee cake, the different types of coffee cake, and the best coffee cake recipe.

As food has evolved, so have easy coffee cakes. They are often served at brunches, Mother’s day dinners, bridal showers, and tea parties. Or “just because,” which was usually the case when my mom would make her simple coffee cake recipe that everyone loved.

Coffee cake recipes are spin-offs of regular cake recipes. Usually a little lighter, often unfrosted, they were first made from or intended to be eaten with coffee. As with cinnamon rolls, you can enjoy a nice individual slice of moist coffee cake with regular breakfast foods or the next time you take a coffee break!

The Origins of Coffee Cake

The history of coffee cake dates back to the 17th century in Central Europe. It was originally called “kaffee kuchen” in German, which means coffee cake. This is similar to the type of coffee cake that I grew up eating, and unbeknownst to me, my mom was famous for making it!

The first coffee cake was a sweet cake that was served with a steaming cup of coffee. It was a popular breakfast food and snack cake because it was easy to make and tasted delicious.

Different Kinds of Coffee Cake

There are many variations of coffee cake, including sour cream coffee cake, blueberry coffee cake, and crumb cake. Each type of coffee cake has its own unique flavor and texture. Some coffee cakes are single-layer cakes, while others are multi-layered. Regardless of the type of coffee cake, it is sure to be a delicious treat.

Coffee cake can be made in a variety of flavors, including cinnamon, blueberry, and peanut butter. The classic coffee cake is a buttery cake with a crumbly streusel topping. The streusel topping is made with brown sugar, flour mixture, and melted butter. It is mixed with a fork until it becomes crumbly. The streusel crumb topping is then spread evenly over the top of the cake batter.

To make a coffee cake, you will need a large bowl and a separate bowl for the dry ingredients. The dry ingredients often include flour mixture, baking soda, cornstarch, and salt. The wet ingredients include things like butter, large eggs, sour cream, Greek yogurt, and vanilla extract. The cake batter is mixed together using a hand mixer or the paddle attachment of a stand mixer on medium speed.

They yummy ingredients all add up to make a yummy moist coffee cake recipe.

What’s in Coffee Cake?

The best coffee cake recipe is an easy coffee cake that can be made in just a few minutes of prep time. Some recipes call for whole wheat flour and a buttermilk substitute to make it a healthier option. Coffee cake recipes can also include fresh fruit, such as blueberries, to add a pop of flavor and nutrition.

Once the cake batter is mixed, half of the batter is poured into a prepared pan. Then, typically, the streusel crumb topping is then spooned over the top of the batter. The remaining batter is then poured over the top of the streusel crumb topping. Finally, the cinnamon sugar layer is spooned over the top of the cake batter. This creates a beautiful and delicious cinnamon swirl on top of the cake.

Coffee cake can be baked in a variety of pans, including a bundt pan or a loaf pan. The baking time and temperature will vary depending on the size of the pan. Once the coffee cake is finished baking, it is essential to let it cool on a wire rack before slicing. This will prevent the cake from falling apart.

How to Store Coffee Cake

To store leftover coffee cake, it should be wrapped in plastic wrap or aluminum foil and placed in an airtight container. It can be stored at room temperature for up to 3 days or in the refrigerator for up to a week.

The best coffee cake recipe is a tasty dessert that can be enjoyed anytime. It is a sweet cake perfect for breakfast or as a snack. It is also a great treat to serve to guests. With its crumbly streusel topping and moist cake, coffee cake will surely be a hit.

Whether made with fruit like our Ground Cherry Coffee Cake or berries like our Red White and Blue Buckwheat Berry Cake, we will surely have one that will suit your taste. Give these unique coffee cake recipes a try, and let us know what you think of them!

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