Bar recipes are some of our favorite easy desserts. The perfect food for work parties, potlucks, and bake sales, we have a dessert bar or brownie recipe with your name on it!

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Who doesn’t love a good brownie recipe? Of course, tasty dessert bars fall into the same category of favorite desserts for me! From Oreo Cookie Brownies (that’s their nice name) to Easy Brownie Recipes for Kids, there is nothing not to love about brownies and dessert bars!

A stack of turtle bars.

Dessert Bar Recipes

Easy dessert bars and brownie recipes are some of our favorite things to make. The boys grew up making these easy brownie recipes for bake sales, soccer fundraisers, school parties and more.

It’s impossible to name my favorite dessert bar or brownie recipe, but I have to say that our Magic Turtle Bars might be very close to the top of that list!

My Top Tips for Making the Best Brownies

Quality Cocoa Powder – Stick with top-notch unsweetened cocoa powder to give your brownies a deep, rich chocolate flavor.

Melt the Butter – Go ahead and melt the butter instead of just softening it to score a richer, chewier texture in both brownies and dessert bars.

Brown Sugar Swap – Switch up white sugar for brown to add a moist, caramel undertone to your dessert bars.

Real Vanilla Extract – Don’t skimp here; use real vanilla extract to bump up the flavors in your brownie and bar recipes a notch.

Creative Mix-ins – Have some fun and throw in your favorite mix-ins like chocolate chips, nuts, or dried fruit to add a surprising texture to your dessert bars.

Cool it Down – Give your baked treats time to cool down completely in the pan; this makes for a firmer texture and cleaner cuts.

Gentle Folding – Take your time and fold the ingredients gently to keep the batter fluffy and prevent your treats from getting too dense.

Parchment Paper is Your Friend – Line your baking tray with parchment paper to dodge the stickiness and nail those perfect squares every time.

The Toothpick Test – Use the classic toothpick test to check if your brownies and bars are ready, aiming for a moist but set center.

Personalized Touch – Finish off with a personal touch, maybe a sprinkle of sea salt or a caramel drizzle, to make your dessert bars stand out in the crowd

Chef Kat shows you how to bake the best cookies, which covers many of these same ideas.

Our crazy-popular Oatmeal Bars with Apple Butter Filling come from an easy dessert recipe using ordinary pantry ingredients. If you don’t have apple butter, it’s easy to use other spreads or preserves and come up with a similar, great-tasting dessert bar!

Christmas Cookie Bars and Pumpkin Spice Rice Krispie Treats are both seasonal dessert bars that you’re going to want to make!

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