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A serving of salmon with sriracha sauce.

Summer Food Ideas

Discover the essence of summer recipes with our refreshing and vibrant recipe ideas, perfect for every gathering.

Let us show you how to make healthy grilled salmon with a tangy sriracha sauce that pairs perfectly with a bottle of your favorite white wine.

We have many other delicious summer recipes as well. From delicious Cornell Chicken BBQ to cool, refreshing salads, these dishes are designed to bring the best of the season to your table.

Our grilled peach salad is a summer salad that combines all of these! Dive into our collection and elevate your summer dining experience with flavors that celebrate the sunshine.

Try our juicy Smoked Beef Tenderloin wrapped in savory bacon for a classic touch. And don’t miss out on our version of Alton Brown’s Grilled Pork Tenderloin, a delicious option that will impress your guests. Pair these main dishes with a refreshing summer salad and some grilled vegetables for a meal that celebrates the start of summer in style.

What to Make with Zucchini

Learn how to use zucchini in these delicious summer recipes!

Our Top Recipes

Our Top Recipes Feature family recipes from Polish food and Amish-Mennonite cooking to easy recipes for kids. There is plenty of good food to go around!

Platter Talk is where to find easy recipes. We have many quick and easy meals if you need dinner ideas for tonight. Learn how to cook hundreds of delicious recipes that anyone can make.

Grill and Smoker Recipes

Welcome to our Grill and Smoker Recipes, your ultimate destination for mouthwatering BBQ dishes perfect for outdoor cooking enthusiasts. Discover a variety of grilled meats, smoked delicacies, and flavorful sides that will elevate your cookouts and impress your guests. Explore our collection of recipes to master the art of grilling and smoking this season!

Welcome to our Summer Recipes, your ultimate destination for refreshing and easy-to-make dishes perfect for warm weather. Discover a variety of light salads, grilled favorites, and fruity desserts that are sure to make your summer gatherings unforgettable. Enjoy seasonal ingredients and vibrant flavors with our collection of summer-inspired recipes

Latest Recipes

New Recipes from Platter Talk. Easy beef dinners, simple drinks, and more.

The Best Summer Desserts

Welcome to Our Best Summer Desserts page, where you’ll find an irresistible selection of refreshing and easy-to-make treats perfect for the warm season. Indulge in fruity pies, chilled ice cream floats, and light cakes that are sure to delight your taste buds and make your summer gatherings extra sweet. Explore our collection of summer dessert recipes and enjoy the flavors of the season!

The Best Homemade Pies

Our best pie recipes are full of sweet family traditions. We will show you how to make a pie for any holiday or special occasion.

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Meet the Platter Talk Guys

Dan & Scott split their time between Wisconsin and Southwest Florida and are dads to six boys. Good food runs through their veins, and they love showing others how to cook easy recipes.

The Best Crock Pot Recipes

Find out how to use a slow cooker to make the best crock pot meals.

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We update our recipes every day just for you.

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Our Top Kitchen Tips

Our Best Kitchen Hacks for Cooking Easy Recipes

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