Easy slow cooker recipes are some of our favorite family meals. From main dishes to soups, and desserts, we show you how to make easy family slow cooker meals.

I remember when crocpots first came out and in all honesty, they haven’t changed that much in over 50 years. You can get fancy ones with bells and whistles and timers and all the rest. But in the end, we use a simple crockpot and it works just fine!

Scott does a great job of making easy slow cooker recipes that use just a few ingredients. Some tasty examples are our crockpot soups!

Three bowls of soup.

Easy Slow Cooker Soup Recipes

You can make easy crockpot soup recipes with just a few ingredients.

Some of our favorite soups in the crockpot include our Slow Cooker Mexican Chicken Soup and Slow Cooker Italian Hamburger Soup.

Use your slow cooker to make game-day recipes or easy potluck recipes, like our crockpot Buffalo wing dip, it’s incredible!

Making easy slow cooker recipes are just one of the many cooking methods that we feature here on Platter Talk. Be sure and take a look at these other ways to make good recipes!

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