1. Jovita @ Yummy Addiction says

    Wow, spinach dumplings! What an interesting idea. I have never made them before. Thanks!

  2. Tiffany says

    This looks amazing! I love the combination of spinach dumplings and chicken noodle soup. Talk about comfort food!

  3. Sam | Ahead of Thyme says

    I love chicken soup and this looks so easy!!!

  4. Michelle @ Vitamin Sunshine says

    What a great idea. Nothing beats chicken soup in the winter. So healing!

  5. Aish Das-Padihari says

    The past weeks have been extremely indulgent for me. Looking forward to some healthy yet yum recipes and this one looks like one. Plus, I like clear soups anyday.

  6. J @ Bless Her Heart Y'all says

    Sounds like a busy household! I love warm delicious recipes like this that taste like they’ve been slaved over for hours but actually haven’t. The spinach balls are an amazing idea too!

  7. Amanda says

    So many great tips with this recipe! I love the bacon spinach balls. How did you come up with that? You are a soup wizard!

    • Dan from Platter Talk says

      Ha! Thanks so much, Amanda. We loved making this recipe.

  8. Elizabeth says

    I am so loving the sound of this! Proper, hearty, warming comfort food, this!

    • Dan from Platter Talk says

      Thanks, Elizabeth, we really enjoyed this!

  9. Gloria @ Homemade & Yummy says

    Homemade soup is so delicious. With the cold weather months just around the corner….soups will be a staple in our house. This sounds delicious.

    • Dan from Platter Talk says

      We agree, Gloria! Thanks so much for stopping by Platter Talk!

  10. khadija says

    Soup for the soul! as the temperatures drop we need more soup! This sounds so comforting too

    • Dan from Platter Talk says

      Yes! Thanks for the comments!

  11. Annie @ Annie's Noms says

    I love homemade chicken noodle soup and also love the fact you’ve made the dumplings with spinach. What a fun twist!!

    • Dan from Platter Talk says

      It was fun, Annie! Thanks for the comments!

  12. Mary Bostow says

    I love chicken soup and am especially curious of those spinach dumplings. That’s something i know we would love!

    • Dan from Platter Talk says

      Mary, it was a great combo!

  13. Joanne/WineLady Cooks says

    We are on the same page when it comes to making a hearty chicken soup. I also love your spinach dumplings. I’m a dumpling fan, I must try spinach next time.

    • Dan from Platter Talk says

      Joanne, I think you would enjoy this one!

  14. KC the Kitchen Chopper says

    I love that you added so much spinach to your dumplings. I’ve never made them before. I bet they’re delish in this comfort food soup!

    • Dan from Platter Talk says

      KC, these dumplings were a great addition to this hearty and classic soup. It’s so great to hear from you and read your wonderful comments!

  15. Liz Mays says

    I’ve never heard of spinach dumplings, but my gosh do they ever sound good. I want to try your recipe!

    • Dan from Platter Talk says

      I had never heard of them before either, they worked well though!

  16. Sheila says

    This looks good and perfect for this rainy and chilly weather. The spinach dumplings is like adding a twist of healthy green in the noodle soup. I love noodles but never thought of adding spinach to it though.

    • Dan from Platter Talk says

      Thank you Sheila!

  17. Danielle @ We Have It All says

    Oh spinach dumplings?? I could do that that, yum!!

    • Dan from Platter Talk says

      Thanks, Danielle. Hope you try them!

  18. Felicia Franceschelli says

    Chicken Noodle! A classic, but still delicious!! Thanks for sharing your recipe! I haven’t tried to cook soups yet at the new house, maybe I will have to give it a try.

    • Dan from Platter Talk says

      A new recipe for a new house; great idea!

  19. Payal Bansal says

    Thanks for sharing the recipe.. I dnt like soups much, but my brother is a big time fan of Chicken soup and I love cooking

    • Dan from Platter Talk says

      I think your brother would like!

  20. Elisebet F says

    Mmm it does look easy…and I have to say, I’m salivating over those bacon spinach balls!

    • Dan from Platter Talk says

      GIve it a try, don’t drool in vain!

  21. Kung Phoo says

    That is a really good twist into the traditional chicken soup! This is something to try and i am sure everyone over here will like it!

    • Dan from Platter Talk says

      Thank you, I hope you try!

  22. Kecia'sFlavor Breakthrough says

    I absolutely would have to include the dumplings! It makes the soup! Yum!

    • Dan from Platter Talk says

      Thanks Kecia; great to hear from you!

  23. mail4rosey says

    My husband works outside a good portion of the day, and temperatures have dipped again here to high 30s, low 40s. This would be nice to have ready for him when he gets home. I like the idea of sprucing up a stock too, instead of making it from scratch when time will not permit.

    • Dan from Platter Talk says

      Thanks, sounds like you would enjoy this!

  24. Heather Jones says

    It looks good, especially on a cold rainy day! Never heard of spinach dumplings before, but I bet its chalked full of nutrients!

    • Dan from Platter Talk says

      I had never heard of spinach dumplings before either, but I’ve gotta tell you, they worked well with this soup!

  25. MikiHope says

    I love chicken soup-whether there are noodles in there or not! It definitely makes me feel a whole lot better when when I have a cold–psychological? who knows-it works!! This sounds like a nice variation on how I make it when I have time! I will sometimes just throw some chicken thighs in and a couple of bullion cubes-just remember to take the bones out before you eat it!

    • Dan from Platter Talk says

      Thanks for the comments!

  26. Maddi'sMommy says

    Today in Michigan it is 50 with a cold, dreary rain. Needless to say this would be perfect on a day like today. I love how hearty it is.

    • Dan from Platter Talk says

      Not much better here in Wisconsin, for the same reason this would be a good choice for today!

  27. Kelli Parker says

    Oh my goodness that looks so good!

    • Dan from Platter Talk says

      Thank you Kelli!

  28. yead says

    Chicken noodle is my favourite food.This is awesome.I like very much.

    • Scott Brotherton says

      Thank you for your comments. I love chicken noodle soup too. I hope that you try my recipe. If you do, let me know what you think.

  29. Stacy | Wicked Good Kitchen says

    Love these guest posts by you, Scott! Smashing ideas to boost the flavor of pre-made stock when in a time pinch (love the wine tip!) as well as the addition of those Bacon Spinach Balls! YUM.

    • Scott Brotherton says

      Thanks Stacy. I love writing the posts for the blog. It is so much fun to be able to share ideas and recipes. I hope that you try this one. If you do, let me know what you think.

  30. Kitchen Riffs says

    I haven’t made chicken noodle soup in ages. And it’s certainly the weather for it! Love the idea of spinach dumplings – they sound like such a wonderful addition. Good stuff – thanks.

    • Scott Brotherton says

      Thank you for your comments and stopping by. I hope that you give this soup a try.

  31. Shashi Charles says

    What an awesome and quick way to jazz up boxed stock – love the addition of white wine in this soup recipe! Funny, I made chicken soup last night too – but I think I would exchange it for a bowl of yours – specially with the thawed out Bacon Spinach Balls!

    • Scott Brotherton says

      Shashi, the white wine is an easy way to add another layer to the soup. I have been adding wine to soup for a few years now and everyone always asks what my secret is. Now I am sharing it with you. Enjoy!

  32. Anna and Liz Recipes says

    Same with us DAN! If we can find a short cut in the kitchen when making dinner- we ‘ll do it too!
    Love your mom’s recipe! Delish!!

    • Scott Brotherton says

      Hope you try this recipe. Quick and easy is the way to go. Don’t forget to share this recipe with your friends.

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