Ingredients are the key parts of any easy recipe. Here on Platter Talk, we show you how to use common ingredients to make the best food ideas.

We show you how to use beef with recipes like our steak enchiladas and our braised beef dinner.

Our recipes that use turkey include a post on how to make a turkey tenderloin, a recipe for turkey pot pie, and many more turkey recipes.

A slice of pie on a spatula

My Favorite Ingredient

Eggs are one of my favorite ingredients for many reasons, most of all because they are one of my favorite foods.

Every morning after doing my barn chores, I started each day with a hearty breakfast of eggs from our farm-rased chickens.

I use eggs to make two of my favorite food groups: Cakes and Cookies!

They’re also an important part of so many other recipes, like our Egg Custard Pie and our Paremsan-Crusted Pork Chops. It’s no wonder the mighty egg is one of my favorite ingredients for making tasty recipes!

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