Easy Seafood Recipes: Dive into Delicious!

Craving the sea without the fuss? Dive into Platter Talk’s Seafood Treasures! Whip up Air Fryer Salmon for crispy perfection in minutes. Impress with juicy Seared Scallops, inspired by Alton Brown. Go light with flavorful Smoked Salmon or cozy up with Parmesan Baked White Fish. We’ve got seafood for every mood and moment, so explore and enjoy!

Expert Cooking Tips: How to Buy Seafood

  • Look for fish that is on a thick bed of ice that is not melting.
  • Fresh seafood is always preferable.
  • Avoid seafood that has a strong and fishy odor.
  • For whole fish, the eyes should be clear and bulging a little.

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