1. Melvin Hestet says

    Oh boy! You touched a real nerve!!!! I hate making pie crusts and I’ve been a chef go over 30 years!
    Guess I’ll buckle down & do the practice, practice, practice. Or maybe just have my baker take care of such things – LOL

  2. Julie says

    What a great post Dan. You’ve given so many wonderful tips here.

    My mother wasn’t much of a cook but she could turn out a great crust which always baffled me why I let this one thing (one of two) bother me. I finally mastered it in a pie crust class! Now on to sourdough.

    • Chef Kat from Platter Talk says

      It’s nice to hear from you. I’m not a top chef, but I disagree with anyone who would say to buy is as good as homemade. Unless you buy from a top chef or a good pie maker, lol. IMHO, it was worth the time, effort and yes- frustration needed to conquer the homemade crust. Happy pie making! Hope my tips help.

  3. Holly says

    Chef Kat your pies look amazing! Seriously my mouth is watering. Pie crust has forever been my weak spot. I would try and try to no avail. Then now and then It would come out perfect and I would think – ah ha the perfect pie crust recipe. But then the next no pie joy. So thanks you for all the detailed instructions and the science behind the art of making pies. Now I just need to practice, practice, practice. 😀

    • Chef Kat from Platter Talk says

      We’ve all been there. Once, after making a “perfect” crust, I immediately made a whole new batch, to “cement” what I did correctly before. The 2nd one came out well also. And I did it again the next day. Thanks for the comment and I hope you become a Goddess of Pie Crust!!!

  4. Anne Murphy says

    Great list of tips! I love the baking sheet idea.

    I’ve made a fine collection of roofing tiles over the years, alternating with an occasional good crust out of the blue – finally realized that my hot kitchen is a factor. Once I *never* skipped or shortened the chilling you suggest (which the recipes I started out with didn’t mention) my record improved, though it’s still never been my best baked good.

    I need to give your suggestions – including practice! – a try.

  5. Aish says

    Now this is a great post. Thanks so much sharing. I may use your post as a link to make pie crusts (I’m planning on making a apple pie). Let me know if you are okay with that.

  6. Lucy says

    What a great tutorial. Your pie crusts look perfect–so flaky and tender. I love the tip to preheat a baking sheet and “shock” the pie crust. Genius! I will have to do that this Thanksgiving.

  7. Lisa | Garlic + Zest says

    Pie crust has always been a vexing thing for me. I can make the pastry, no problem, but its the rolling out of the dough that ALWAYS is an issue. It sticks. I think it’s because I live in Florida and even though we run the A/C — I think it’s cooler in other parts of the country. I use extra flour (not lightly dusted) otherwise it’s just a mess. I confess – to using Pillsbury in a pinch!

    • Chef Kat from Platter Talk says

      I agree with you- it’s just one of those things. I have known more then one professional baker who has told me stories about “a bad crust day”, as well as bewildered friends and relatives! I avoided making them like the plague but then decided I just needed to practice till I was happy with the results. A chilled marble board might be of help in your neck of the country.

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