Dessert Pie Recipes

Homemade Pies are one of my favorite dessert recipes. I’ve often said that I have pie crust running through my veins, thanks to my Mennonite heritage.  Pies made from scratch, like our Egg Custard Pie, our Shoofly Pie, and my sister-in-law’s Raspberry Custard Pie, all are some of my favorite pie recipes.

The Best Homemde Pies

Open Face Apple Pie

Open face apple pie is like the convertible of dessert recipes. It’s fun, delicious, and all about taking the top…

Pie recipes are a part of who I am. It wasn’t unusual for my Mennonite mom to bake a couple of homemade pies and maybe a cake, almost every day of the week. Feeding her hungry family and a bunch of hired men meant that her GE oven was usually turned on, right around 400°F. My mom and her sisters could make almost any pie without a recipe as if it were a magic trick. True story!

I would make a homemade pie every day if I had the time and could afford the calories.

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