1. Z says

    I am an ACF certified executive chef, jerk is a Jamaican delicacy, I moved and open a restaurant in the tug hill region of ny. All the meninites sell jerked meat similar to yours. There is nothing jerk about it I get really confused why they call it jerk. Your explanation of peppery sweet has nothing to do with actual jerk. Jerk is soy, fivespice, minced onions, garlic, brown sugar, ground peppercorns, cayenne , and assortment of minced peppers depending on flavor and heat. What upstate ny calls jerk is good don’t get me wrong but there is nothing Jamaican or jerk about it. And as a chef when I ask no one can give me a good answer🤷‍♀️

    • Dan from Platter Talk says

      Hi Chef. Thanks for your comments and I’m glad you enjoy the Tug Hill region’s version of Jerked Beef. Contrary to your statement, the primary ingredients of brown sugar and hot black pepper are indeed central to Jamaican jerk, by your own description. And to answer your question, I have a pretty good idea that the good local folks of that region of New York state just don’t care. One more thing, it’s Mennonites, and they are my people. We appreciate hearing from you and thank for reading Platter Talk!

    • Dan from Platter Talk says

      Hi Susan, the jerk in this recipe is comprised of the wet marinade consisting of the (hot) black pepper and the (sweet) brown sugar. The salt which acts to draw the natural juices out for the marinade also adds an element of spice that is characteristic of a classic jerk recipe. I hope this clears up your confusion. We would love for you to try this wonderful sweet and spicy delicacy!

    • Dan from Platter Talk says

      Hi Kevin, depending on the meat’s thickness and heat of your grill, probably just a couple of minutes on each side. Enjoy!

  2. Heather @Boston Girl Bakes says

    I’m originally from upstate NY and Oh my I grew up on Cornell Barbeque and it’s to die for- and we grew up on what we call “spiedies” – marinated beef cuts grilled – that I thought everyone grew up on- silly ol’ me! I can’t wait to try this version…man oh man can’t wait!!

  3. Gloria @ Homemade & Yummy says

    Ok…now this is my kind of jerky. I detest the bought kind. It reminds me of dog food. This on the other hand, along with grilling season is a winner. Can’t wait to give it a try…or should I say….get hubby to BBQ this up!!

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