101 Best Christmas Cookie Recipes for 2024

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The holiday cookie season is fast approaching. Forget that batch of chocolate chip cookies you thought about making, Santa is going to be hungry.

Today I’m sharing this list of the best Christmas cookies to fill your holiday cookie tray. Put your favorite Christmas music on, roll up your sleeves and grab a mug of hot chocolate. It’s time to make some treats that scream, “Merry Christmas!”

A table full of colorful Christmas cookies.

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What you’ll need

It’s the time of year when we all start thinking about one of my favorite things, holiday baking. A little planning will go a long way, especially if this is your first time making Christmas cookies.

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It’s a good idea to take a minute and see what you have on hand and what you need to pick up at the store. Planning your baking strategy and the right recipe will help you make the perfect holiday cookie.

Our professional in-house even shows you how to make cookies for beginners. Be sure to see Chef Kat’s informative post.

A cookie cutter cutting out some dough with dough and a rolling pin.
As a friendly reminder, take a second to ensure you have what you need before you start baking.

Each cookie recipe is different, but many of them will use some or all of the same basic baking ingredients and kitchen tools. Below is a short list of things to help you get started with your holiday baking adventures with 101 easy recipes that you will love.

  • Cookie Cutters – From reindeer to gingerbread men, there are many different types to choose from when making Christmas treats.
  • Baking Sheet – It’s always good to have a couple of these ready to load up with cookie dough. Pro Kitchen Tip: Line them with parchment paper or a silicone baking mat to make clean-up easier.
  • Cookie Platters – You may want a few of these for serving or wrapping up to give as gifts. You can buy inexpensive holiday-theme platters at many stores like dollar general, Walmart, and even some grocery stores.
  • Cookie Tin – You’ll want some of these so you can giveaways some of your Christmas cookies. Christmas-themed tins come in all shapes and sizes. I love the ones from Dollar General.
  • Candy Canes – Usually, if a recipe calls for these, you’ll want to have the smaller, mini-candy canes. They make fun garnishes and tree ornaments if you have any leftovers!

We asked dozens of our best foodie friends to come up with their best Christmas cookie recipes, and this is what they gave us.

1. Cherry Christmas cookies

A plate of cherry Christmas cookies and a glass of milk.

My grandmother used to make these every year. Then my mom made them and now I make them with our kids. It’s no wonder this is one of my favorite Christmas recipes.

You’ll need some candied cherries for these refrigerator cookies, which take just over an hour to make, including the chilling time.

This is one of our readers’ favorite recipes as well.

2. Decorated Christmas Tree Cookies with Royal Icing

A group of Christmas cookies shaped like Christmas tress with green royal icing.

This guide will show you that decorated treats are much easier than you think. Plus, there’s a video to help with your decorating. Be sure to add these to this year’s Christmas desserts.

3. Ugly Sweater Sugar Cookies

Some Ugly sweater Christmas cooies.

These gluten-free treats are so fun for the holidays! Whether you are having a Christmas party or gifting them to your neighbor, these are perfect for you!

4. Forgotten Cookies

A stack of white cookies with bits of chocolate.

This easy cookie recipe for egg white cookies will give you a smooth holiday treat with a sweet fluffy center. This is the perfect way to use any leftover egg whites from your holiday recipes!

5. Christmas Pinwheel Cookies

A gift box of Christmas pinwheel cookies.

These pinwheels are so much fun to make for the holidays! Just tint a homemade sugar cookie dough with holiday colors, roll, slice, and bake. They year, say Merry Christmas with a big batch of these!

6. Chocolate Gingerbread Cookies

Some gingerbread cookies standing up next to a cookie jar.

For a great Christmas combination of flavors, make this easy gingerbread cookie dough. This homemade recipe is chewy, crisp, spiced, chocolatey, and rich, all in one cute and tasty treat.

7. Eggnog Linzer Cookies

A group of cookies shaped like Christmas trees.

These eggnog linzers will be the hit of the holiday cookie platter! With delicious eggnog icing sandwiched in the center, these make delightful holiday gifts that anyone will love.

8. No-Spread Sugar Cookies

A group of colorful holiday cookies.

These classic cut-out sugar cookies are perfect for your holiday baking tradition! They’re a no-chill, no-spread recipe with perfect edges and delicious flavor. You’ll find these in any list of classic cookie recipes; make them this year.

9. Snowman Peanut Butter Cookies

A bunch of round cookies with chocolate chips shaped like eye and a smile.

Fun and simple peanut butter treats decorated to look like snowmen. An easy recipe for kids and adults, these are perfect for any holiday party.

10. Chocolate Chip Biscotti

A holiday gift box full of chocolate chip biscotti.

Chocolate Chip Biscotti is a holiday favorite. Great to make ahead and perfect for dunking in your morning coffee!

11. Almond Shortbread Cookies

A stack of cookies with almond slivers on top.

Rich, buttery, crumbly… that’s everything you want from a delicious Christmas cookie recipe. Now add a delicious Almond flavor to these cookies and you’ve got yourself a winner!

12. Holiday Pinwheel Cookies

A stack of red pinwheel cookies.

Make these festive cookies that scream Christmas with their red and white spirals and holiday sprinkles!

13. Grinch Cookies

A stack of four green cookies.

If you are looking for a fun way to get into the festive Christmas spirit, then making these fun and chewy cookies is definitely the place to start!

14. Potato Chip Cookies

A cookie being held in a hand.

This is a simple and sweet holiday dessert. The soft, beautiful crunch from potato chips and walnuts helps bring them to a holiday perfection.

15. Christmas Snowball Cookies with M&Ms

A plate of snowball  Christmas cookies.

This recipe takes classic snowball desserts up a notch with the addition of red and green M&M candies. Everyone who bites into the snowballs will love the little chocolate surprise! It’s no wonder these are among holiday favorites in many households!

16. Oreo Dipped Christmas Cookies

A bunch of oreo-dipped Christmas cookies.

These fun Christmas Oreo dipped desserts are always a huge hit for any cookie exchanges or leaving out for Santa!

17. Gluten-Free Czech Gingerbread Cookies

A bunch of gingerbread cookies.

These gluten-free Czech gingerbread treats are honestly my all-time favorite. They’re very different from your usual American gingerbread and a fun dessert to make if you want to try something new.

Sweetened with honey and full of a lot of warming winter spices, they’re dairy-free, gluten-free, and can be made refined sugar-free too!

18. Gluten Free Peanut Butter Blossoms

A plate of peanut butter blossom cookies.

These classic Gluten Free Peanut Butter Blossoms are soft peanut butter gluten free cookies topped with a Hershey’s kiss. Peanut butter and chocolate, so deliciously perfect.

19. Mexican Shortbread Cookies

A bunch of star-shaped cookies.

Hojarascas are yummy Mexican shortbread treats that are traditionally made during the holidays. They are melt-in-your-mouth soft and delicious.

20. Dark Chocolate Candy Cane Cookies

A stack of  cookies with a ribbon tied around them.

The classic combination of chocolate and peppermint make these are the perfect treat for the holidays! Featuring dark chocolate cookies dipped in white chocolate and sprinkled with crushed candy canes.

21. Low Carb Keto Peppermint Cookies

A plate of peppermint cookies with peppermint candies.

These are the best soft holiday keto cookies with a sweet peppermint crunch! Enjoy a seasonal treat without the guilt of added sugar or tons of carbs.

22. Healthy Christmas Cookies

A stack of brown cookies with cranberries.

These healthy Christmas goodies are low in added sugar, and gluten free. But the classic combination of cranberries and dark chocolate makes them festive and delicious.

23. Swedish Ginger Thins (pepparkakor)

A stack of brown snowflake-shaped cookies tied by twine.

Made famous by Ikea, ginger thins are a true staple of the Swedish Christmas. They are excellent with mulled wine but also with blue cheese!

24. Amaretti Biscuits

A stack of amaretti biscuits with hot chocolate.

These delicious Amaretti biscuits are crisp on the outside and chewy in the middle and packed full of flavor. They’re perfect for serving to your guests at Christmas or making for someone special as a gift.

25. White Chocolate Snowflake Cookies

A bunch of snowflake shaped cookies with colored sprinkles.

Thick vanilla sugar confections that are easy to make from scratch and so pretty on a holiday dessert platter!

26. Cranberry Orange Shortbread Cookies

A stack of light colored cookies.

These cranberry orange shortbread beauties might just be the perfect little slice and bake dessert for the holidays. I’ll be making them right through to when I snag that last bag of fresh cranberries of the season (always a sad moment!)

27. German Christmas cookies: lebkuchen

A stack of brown star-shaped cookies with holiday ribbon.

Soft and spicy German Christmas cookies (Lebkuchen) are the most popular Christmas dessert in Germany. They are incredibly flavorful and perfect as gifts to family and friends!

28. Amish sugar cookies

A stack of sugar cookies.

The best family recipes withstand the test of time. Found in her recipe box, these old-fashioned Amish treats were handed down by my cousins from my beloved Aunt Marian. Simple and classic, like the lady I loved and remember.

29. Gluten free peppermint cookies recipe

A cookie being dunked in a glass of milk.

Deliciously soft, these are perfect for holiday gifting. Glancing at their ingredient list might have you and your family enjoying these for breakfast too!

30. Simple shortbread cookies – two ways

A stack of star-shaped cookies.

This simple recipe can be made two ways. Both are a delicious and easy-to-make as a melt-in-your-mouth cookie that you will make year after year. Choose the traditional shortbread or brown sugar version.

31. Caramel pecan shortbread cookies

A group of round cookies with chocolate and pecans.

These are everything you love about the holidays: tender shortbread, caramel pecan topping, chocolate ganache, and a pecan on top. They’re the perfect treat for Christmas teat exchanges and holiday parties

32. Italian cookies

A plate of small round cookies with vanilla icing and colored sprinkles.

Their soft texture and can be flavored with vanilla or anise making them some of the best holiday desserts to make this year.

33. Haselnussmakronen, German hazelnut macaroons

A group of round cookies with hazelnuts in the center.

Haselnussmakronen or German hazelnut macaroons are incredibly easy, light, and flavorful. They’re naturally gluten and dairy-free.

34. Candy cane cookies

Round cookies with crushed candy canes and a pine cone.

These scream Christmas! If you are looking for a quick and easy peppermint treat to add to your holiday baking then this is the one!

35. Crisco sugar cookies

A group of colorful  Christmas cookies.

These are easy to bake, perfectly sweet, and soft. They’re from an old-school recipe that you can decorate for any holiday, not just Christmas!

36. German elisen lebkuchen recipe

A plate of fancy cookies.

German Elisen Lebkuchen Cookies recipe – a quintessential German recipe. These world-famous edibles are chewy, soft, and simply electable.

When you are ready to serve your family or guests awe-inspiring treats, it’s time to make these tasty gems. You and your family won’t be able to get enough of these holiday cookies without flour.

37. Mantecaditos (almond-flavored butter cookies

A plate of small cookies.

Mantecaditos are beloved in Latin America. My favorite variety uses guava paste, nonpareils, or cherries.

38. Mexican wedding cookies (snowballs)

A box of Mexican wedding cookies.

Melt-in-your-mouth, easy-to-make almond dessert using 4 ingredients that will bring raves. Huge raves! You might also know them as butterballs. They never disappoint, keep well for a few weeks, and are perfect for gift giving.

39. Vanilla walnut crescnet cookies

A bunch of crescent-shaped cookies in a holiday tin.

These Czech gluten free Christmas cookies are easy to make sugar free. Be sure to check out these classics this year!

Christmas tree cookies with green frosting.

This simple recipe makes a versatile dough that is easy to roll and holds its shape while baked, giving you sharp, beautiful, defined edges perfect for fun and different shapes. You need to make these holiday classics this year.

41. Raspberry bow tie cookies

A pile of pastry turnovers with red jam oozing out of them.

These Raspberry bow tie pastries are delicious and an impressive little sweet. Fill with raspberry jam or your favorite type of jam.

42. Jan gagel – Dutch shortbread cookies

A dessert bar with nut slivers on top.

These traditional Dutch cookies especially popular during the Holiday Season. They are delicious shortbread treats that are prettily decorated with almonds and rock/pearl sugar. A delicious dessert that is as beautiful as it is tasty!

43. German pfeffernüsse cookies

Pile of Pfeffernusse cookies with coffee

Pfeffernüsse is a German word for smoked spice. These classic holiday treats bring comfort and warmth to both body and soul. Perfect for a cold cozy night, you’ll want to make these a part of this year’s holiday exchange!

44. Vegan Christmas fruit cake cookies

A plate of fruit cake cookies.

You are already well acquainted with Christmas cake. Now let’s move on to an extension of that and make these delicious and mouth-melting vegan Christmas fruit cake treats. Enriched with candied fruits and nuts, each bite guarantees a blast of flavors

45. Fresh cranberry white chocolate cookies

A plate of raspberry and white chocolate cookies.

These are made with fresh cranberries and white chocolate. They have crunchy edges, chewy centers and look very festive!

46. English Christmas tree biscuits

An edible Christmas tree ornament hanging from a tree.

These Christmas Tree Biscuits are the perfect baking activity to do with the kids just before the big day. Not only will everyone have fun making them, but they can also then enjoy decorating the tree with the biscuits – and then, of course, eat them on Christmas Day!

47. Orange pomegranate oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

A bunch of cookies in a wooden bowl.

These holiday favorites are flavored with orange zest and extract to make the perfect winter-themed dessert. A great addition to your holiday baking!

48. Old-fashioned peanut butter cookies without eggs

A holiday tin of cookies on a green towel.

These are simple and homemade with no eggs but taste just like the classic peanut butter ones you remember from your childhood.

49. Reindeer gingerbread biscuits

A group of reindeer ginger biscuits.

These Gingerbread Reindeer Biscuits with pretzels for antlers are very cute and a great Christmas treat to make with your kids. Try these this year to help get into the holiday spirit!

50. Greek Christmas honey cookies

A plate of cookies on a holiday platter with a poinsettia in the back ground.

Melomakarona are traditional Greek Christmas honey treats that are mildly spiced and dipped in a thick honey syrup. This classic Greek dessert will fill your house with a warm aroma of spices!

51. Chocolate peanut butter balls with rice krispies

A bunch of peanut butter balls with a bite taken out of one of them.

The ultimate bite-sized holiday treat! These chocolate peanut butter balls get a crispy upgrade that makes them one of Santa’s favorite holiday snacks, with only 5 ingredients.

52. Spiced Christmas tree cookies

A group of Christmas tree-shaped cookies.

It’s hard to resist this cute Spiced Christmas Tree dessert for your holiday platters. Everyone loves the smell of spices during the holidays and there is plenty of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves to flavor these. Adding the simple icing dots makes these extra festive.

53. Cherry chocolate thumbprint cookies

A group of chocolate cookies topped with cherries.

Every year our kids love to help bake these easy Christmas treats. They take just 25 minutes to eat and disappear even faster. Make sure these are a part of your holiday baking this year!

54. Maamoul cookies (date filled cookies)

A tray of round pastries with a brown filling.

Maamoul are the famous middle-eastern holiday pastries that will melt in your mouth and are absolutely delicious. These are sweetened with dates and have minimal added sugar.

55. Christmas snickerdoodles

A stack of cookies next to a pine cone with cinnamon sticks.

Christmas snickerdoodles are a cinnamon-dusted American holiday classic. These chocolate chip and cranberry Christmas cookies are a delicious twist on that theme. Add this delicious variation of a an American classic to this year’s holiday platter!

56. Raspberry pinwheel cookies

A stack of pinwheel cookies sprinkled with large crystals of sugar.

These classic pinwheel holiday treats are filled with jam and walnuts for a simple and delicious bite that is sparkly and gorgeous.

57. Mexican hot chocolate cookies

A chocolate cookie with a gooey white filling.

These addictive treats combine cocoa powder, cinnamon, marshmallows and chocolate chips. You won’t be able to get enough of this dreamy holiday dessert!

58. White chocolate dipped ginger cookies

A stack of cookies on a plate

Featuring warm flavors that are made for the holidays, these mouthwatering Christmas treats are made for dunking. Coffee, cold milk, and hot tea all work great! Save a plate of these for Santa he is sure to add a little something to your stocking.

59. Gluten Free Almond Cookies

A plate of small almond cookies.

Just 5 ingredients are all that is required, and they are ideal to make in advance and freeze well. They have a crisp exterior and chewy center, with a delicate almond flavor.

60. Stamped brown sugar shortbread cookies

A tin of cookies with paper wrapping.

These are so pretty for Christmas! They’re buttery and rich with a crisp, sandy, melt-in-your-mouth texture.

61. Vegan cinnamon cookies (gluten free)

A stack of light brown cookies with cinnamon sticks on top.

Perfectly chewy, sweet, and packed with warm cinnamon. Only 6 ingredients and 15 minutes needed to make these quick and easy, gluten free Vegan cinnamon holiday treats!

62. Candy cane kiss cookies

A white cookie with a candy cane kiss in the center.

Made with Hershey’s Candy Cane Kisses and crushed candy canes, these candy cane kiss holiday treats are the perfect holiday cookie! Don’t miss this festive and easy-to-make Christmas treat that’s great for cookie exchanges. Try these peppermint kisses this year!

63. No-chill, no-spread, vegan rolled sugar cookies

A bunch of cookie cut out like hearts.

No eggs, no dairy, no problem! These taste just as great as Grandma’s without the need for chilling.

64. Spitzbuben

A plate of spitzbuben cookies

These have a fancy name but are super easy to make. Fill them with your favorite jam or preserve and deck the halls!

65. Peanut butter blossoms

A bunch of peanut butter blossom cookies on a cooling rack.

Turn a classic peanut butter blossom into an adorable Christmas treat with only a few simple steps. Add them to your holiday to-do list for an extra special treat. No holiday dessert platter is complete without some of these.

66. Peppermint hot chocolate Christmas cookies

An ooey chocolate cookie topped with a marshmallow and chocolate dripping off the top.

Anyone who loves peppermint hot cocoa will go crazy for these!! Rich and fudge-flavord, they are topped off with toasted marshmallows and globs of melted chocolate, yum!

67. Christmas rice krispie treats

a bunch of rice krispie treats sprinkled with crushed candy canes.

These might be bars but I have never seen Santa turn his nose up at these. Christmas rice krispie treats are everyone’s favorite treats topped with white chocolate and peppermint candy. This no-bake holiday indulgence is fun, easy, and downright crave-worthy.

68. Nutella Buckeyes

A plate of buckeyes with Christmas ornaments.

This spin on a classic holiday treat is filled with warm flavor and sweetness. Use your favorite hazelnut spread or try something a little different like one of the many butter flavors from Trader Joe’s.

69. Vegan thumbprint cookies

A stack of thumbprint cookies with vanilla glaze.

The tastiest vegan thumbprints have an almond flavor and a sweet glaze on top. The best shortbread jam treats ever!

70. Chewy five spice ginger molasses cookies

A plate of molasses cookies.

This chewy recipe is easy to make. They are soft and pillowy with a hint of five-spice and vanilla flavor.

71. Vegan red velvet crinkle cookies

a stack of red velvet crinkle cookies.

Featuring a crispy crinkly outside to the soft fudgy center with the stunning color of a red velvet cake. It is one of the most beautiful-looking vegan Christmas cookies recipe ever.

72. Shortbread cookies with lime cream cheese icing

A platter full of white shortbread cookies topped with cream cheese and lime zest.

A hint of lime in the dough and the cream cheese frosting give a sweet and tart flavor to these They are sometimes called Meltaways because the dough is so tender they melt in your mouth.

73. 3-Ingredient shortbread cookies

a stack of square and stamped shortbread cookies with holiday twine.

These melt-in-your-mouth holiday treats are cute and festive. This buttery shortbread treat is easy to make using just three ingredients!

74. Gluten free gingerbread coopkies with cream cheese frosting

A bunch of cookies on a cooling rack.

A soft and perfectly spiced gluten-free gingerbread treat topped with a dreamy, cream cheese frosting. This is the gluten-free holiday dessert you’ve been waiting for!

75. Snowball Christmas cookies

A bunch of snowball Christmas cookies with a candy cane and coffee beans

One of the best things about this classic holiday treat is how easy they are to make. In less than 20 minutes, you’ll have over 24 of these snowball confections. That’s the best return on investment of your holiday you’ll ever get!

76. Keto gingerbread cookies without sugar

A bunch of gingerbread cookies.

The best keto gingerbread recipe to make your holidays merry and bright. These low-carb sugar-free gingerbread cookies have just 1.4 net carbs each!

77. Thumbprint Caramel Pecan Turtle Cookies Recipe – Gluten Free

A stack of cookies with chocolate drizzled over them.

An EASY caramel pecan turtle recipe that looks and tastes impressive! No one will believe these are sugar-free & gluten-free.

78. Striped peppermint sugar cookies

a bunch or peppermint sugar cookioes

These make the perfect edible Christmas gift and will definitely impress Santa and his helpers.

79. Easy vegan snickerdoodles

A plate of round brown cookies.

These snickerdoodles are soft and fluffy with plenty of cinnamon! Plus, they’re made without butter and eggs so they’re a vegan dessert anyone can enjoy!

80. Grinch snowball cookies

A pile of round green cookies with a dusting of powdered sugar on them.

These are a colorful twist on the classic snowball recipe. They’re one of our most popular Christmas recipes of all time!

81. Cranberry bliss bar cookies {Starbucks copycat}

A plate of cranberry cookies.

These s are the ultimate holiday dessert! They are a true-to-taste copycat of the popular Starbucks treat, and are easy to make right at home!

82. Eggnog Christmas Cookies

A stack of cookies drizzled with a white glaze.

These are festive, sweet, and will melt in your mouth. They have a soft and fluffy taste, incredibly like eggnog and are drizzled with a sweet eggnog glaze.

83. Grandma’s ginger cookies

A Christmas cookie with a candy cane

These are filled with love and flavor, just like my grandma who passed these down to her family. Make these part of your holiday traditions, starting this year.

84. Pignoli cookies

A plate of Christmas cookies.

These easy pignoli cookies are super quick and easy to make. Featuring a mellow nutty flavor, they are typical Italian in goodness and flavor. You’ll love the crisp exterior and chewy interior.

85. Easy Christmas shortbread cookies

A box of star-shaped Christmas cookies.

These Christmas beauties are buttery and spiced with a hint of cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger. Cut them into festive shapes for the holidays, then make and enjoy this shortbread recipe all year long.

86. Snowflake-filled snowman cookies

snowman-filled Christmascookies

Cute little dessert bites that are as much fun to play with as they are to eat. Shake them and watch the snowflakes in the snowman’s belly fly around.

87. Poinsettia cookies

A bunch of Christmas cookies that look like poinsettias.

These pretty pinwheels look like a holiday poinsettia, thanks to red sanding sugar. These will brighten any holiday tray!

88. Cherry red-nose holiday cookies

A Christmas cookie with cherry in the middle

These are fast to make and spend an hour in the refrigerator before chilling. Topped with candied cherries, these are all about the holiday season.

89. Paleo buckeyes

A group of buckeye dessert treats.

These delectable buckeyes are made without peanuts, grain, or gluten, so they’re 100% paleo and vegan. Made with cashew butter, both taste and texture are so on point, you’ll swear they’re better than the ones we grew up with!

90. Chocolate and peppermint Christmas cookies

A group of Christmas cookies with candy canes.

There are so many good things about this holiday favorite. They’re crunchy on the edges, chewy in the center, and full of chocolate and peppermint flavor!

91. Cranberry thumbprint cookies

A bunch of thumbprint cookies on a cooling rack.

Filled with a cranberry filling, almond crust and icing drizzle! Be sure to get a plate out on your hearth this Christmas eve.

92. Hazelnut crescents (Vanilkove rohlicky)

A bunch of crescent-shaped cookies being made.

These hazelnut crescents are the right holiday treat to please your family during the Christmas season. Their buttery flavor melts in your mouth with every bite.

93. Chocolate candy cane cookies

A bunch of cookies on parchment paper.

Try a batch of these for this year’s for holiday baking. A decadent mocha cookie is topped with white chocolate and peppermint… it’s a winning combination!

A plate of cookies shaped like Santa Claus.

Adorable and tasty, these are great to make with your kids! With their buttery flavor, chocolate eyes and frosted beards, they’ll stand out at any Festive party. Hands down the yummiest Christmas treat to come down your chimney!

95. Easy Christmas butter cookies

A plate of Christmas cookies dipped in chocolate.

Bake these with just 6 ingredients . They can be decorated with chocolate, sprinkles, or frosting! It’s a no-chill dough and bakes up in 10 minutes!

96. Old-fashioned fig bars

Close up of fig bars on board with whole figs

Homemade fig bars are the perfect addition to your holiday dessert platter. Make these ahead of time and freeze them until the big guy makes his trip down the chimney!

97. Gingerbred crinkle cookies

A group of crinkle cookies on a baking sheet.

Gingerbread crinkle cookies are a must-try during the holidays. They are chewy, full of ginger flavor and coated in sugar with exposed cracks.

98. Spice cookies

A stack of cookies covered in colored sugar.

This easy holiday treat features a blend of warm seasonal spices. Cloves, nutmeg, ginger, and cinnamon all come together and makes these taste like Christmas.

99. Date pinwheel cookies

A stack of date pinwheel cookies.

This old-fashioned date desserts are rolled and then cut into individual portions. Your kids will love making this fun holiday classic!

100. Peppermint chocolate chip cookies

A big plate of cookies with pieces of candy canes.

Soft and chewy, these holiday sensations are your new favorite Christmas dessert! Take these to the holiday exchange–or save them for yourself–loaded with candy canes and lots of dark and white chocolate chips, they will make Santa extra happy!

101. Kołaczki (Polish envelope cookies)

A bunch of pastries on a  wood board, sprinkled with powdered sugar.

These are soft, sweet, and filled with a bright fruit filling. Be sure to include these in your holiday baking this year.

See more of our easy Christmas cookies here!

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  1. My mom
    Had a recipe for “Margarites” a meringue with chopped nuts on saltines from 1940s

    I’m gluten free so I haven’t made these yet with sone kind of alt saltines

    These were delish as they aged a bit and became chewy

  2. What a fabulous collection of Christmas cookies! I think I gained a couple of pounds just looking at these! Thanks for including my recipe!

  3. Great timing! Our family just set the date for the family Christmas Cookie bake off, this year.
    There are usually 6 to 8 of us. We do the “blanks” of sugar & gingerbread so they can be decorated while everyone takes turns baking 2 or3 other varieties that day.
    This beautifully written & photographed post will provide us with some new ideas! Thanks.