Greek Chicken and Rice in Fillo Dough

Greek Chicken and Rice in Fillo Dough on Platter Talk

This is my favorite kind of post.  It features a recipe that started with friends and ended with friends, and in between all of those friends is a a delicious meal (and a very smokey kitchen - more on that later.) Something different, beautiful, and enjoyable, appropriately reflective of the folks behind this dinner which featured Greek Chicken and Rice in Fillo Dough ...

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From our Table to Yours

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Chicken Pot Pie with Pate Brisee

We’re so excited to share this recipe with you, written and prepared by our number one resource for all things food and our favorite cook in the whole world.  She’s an artist, a chef and our very own sister, Culinary Institute of America graduate, Chef Kathy Zehr. When a rotisserie chicken enters my home, the…

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Easy Applesauce

Easy Applesauce

This post is written primarily for people, like myself, who were previously unaware of just how simple homemade applesauce is to put together.   I was just reviewing a recipe that calls for applesauce and knowing we had none in our fridge or pantry, I looked no further than just outside our kitchen window where our…

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biscotti on platter talk

Hazelnut Biscotti

Sometimes you never know what you’re going to get from a weekend.  Just seven short days ago Scott was shivering the night away, pining the loss of a broken furnace while the boys and I were at our cottage just wishing we had had functional indoor plumbing.  Fast forward a week and the whole family…

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Tomato, Strawberry, & Basil Gazpacho

Our celebration of the summer season continues here on Platter Talk with a chilled soup of summery goodness.  Gazpacho is traditionally prepared using a tomato base and a few other vegetables for flavoring, often times like likes of cucumber and sweet garden peppers.  This twist offers a variation of the soup and of summer, featuring…

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Gouda Crab Mac n Cheese

Smoked Gouda with Crab and Bacon Mac ‘N Cheese

  I think that if you ask any one of our boys what their favorite food is, they would all say mac and cheese.   We make a lot of mac and cheese.  If is not very often that we don’t have any children around, but today was one of those days.  I was craving mac…

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simple apple bars

Simple Apple Bars

We’ve been cooking and baking up a storm in our family, over the past few months.  We have featured a few recipes using honey crisp apples from our backyard tree, and quite honestly we could make something new every day of the week with those apples and still not run out.  That tree is loaded! …

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Bing Cherry and Chocolate Chip Cookies

This  past Sunday was a rainy, movie kind of a day at our small cottage on a small lake in The Middle of Nowhere, Wisconsin.  It provided a nice opportunity to hunker-down after a fun and friend-filled Saturday.  There was eggplant parmasiana, there was insalata caprese with burrata, there was sangria, and there were good…

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chex lemon buddies on platter talk

Lemon Crunch Buddies

I would love to say that I don’t like to snack.  That would be a blatant untruth.  My workplace is flooded with snacks, a hazardous workplace of sorts to be certain.  That said, we don’t have a lot of snacks around our house and it is a rarity when I make a bona fide snack. …

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Raised Donuts (Fasnacht)

I can’t recall the first time I “helped” my mom make donuts, but I do know that it has been in the neighborhood of four decades that my hands have played with a donut cutter.  Making donuts back then was always a special activity. Fun, creative, and incredibly delicious. So much has happened in the ensuing years of my…

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Welcome to my Blog

I love to eat and I enjoy preparing food that is easy on the senses, especially taste.  I grew up doling out measurements of lard for my mom when she was making cookies, helping her cut out the holes for her doughnuts (both raised and fry-cakes), and helping my sister (Chef Kathy Zehr) in what…

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Herb Roasted Turkey Tenderloin

A few days ago, Scott mentioned that he picked up a couple of turkey tenderloins at Festival Foods, our favorite local grocery haunt.  This revelation non-plussed me to some degree –  likely because we seldom prepare turkey outside of holidays, not to mention that I wasn’t even aware that turkeys had a tenderloin.  Fast forward…

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tortellini summer soup

Tortellini in brodo d’estiva (broth of summer)

A week or so ago at the finish of one of the first days of August, we were looking for a quick-fix summer meal.  Stocked with some frozen tortellini from the grocery store and the two lower drawers of our fridge filled with farmer’s market fresh produce, this is what resulted.  Tortellini in broth of…

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