Easy French Toast Casserole

French Toast Casserole on Platter Talk

What do the likes of Ina Garten, JK Rowling, Joy Behar and this easy to make/easy to eat French toast casserole have in common?  They are all second acts. The ladies mentioned all did quite well with their individual lives, their "first time around." A twist of fate, a calculated risk, and ultimately the blink of an eye and voilà, they all have a new beginning, a second time around. ...

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From our Table to Yours

Pecan Sandies

Pecan Sandies

A couple of weeks ago I observed what many have since referred to as a “milestone” birthday.  I didn’t think of my 50th as a milestone per say, although I did comment to my 10 year-old son Isaiah that, “Fifty sounds so old.”  As he often does, our fourth grader who often effectively comes off…

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Pies of Summer Series: Raspberry Custard Pie + Pie Crust Recipe

If you know anything about our site and food preferences, you know that we like our pies here on Platter Talk.   This past Sunday afternoon I found myself in the kitchen following a maiden voyage to Costco just up the road in Green Bay.   The scads of berries overwhelmed me and using a special dinner…

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Lime fiesta salad

Lime Fiesta Salad

This evening we were invited to a friend’s home for dinner.  The paradox of this scenario centered around the fact that this particular friend of ours unequivocally does not cook.  No problemo – he informed us he would provide Mexican food from a favorite nearby eatery.  To his protest, I offered to bring a dessert,…

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Amazing Amaratto Pound Cake

Amazing Amaretto Pound Cake

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?! It’s been a while since we have had a guest here on Platter Talk.  Scott and I knew that we would be out of town for a couple of days and figured we might be little short on food, a situation that we always strive to avoid!  When I called…

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pumpkin and chocolate cheese bars

Pumpkin and Chocolate Cheese Bars

This past weekend the boys carved their first round of pumpkins.  When I say “boys,” I suppose I should clarify who I mean.  Maybe, the “guys” would be a more accurate portrayal of those who were making jack-o-lanterns.  It wasn’t just Ash and Nate, our seven year old twins.  No, there might have been a…

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Appleton, Wisconsin Farmer’s Market

We hope that each of you here in the States had a wonderful 4th of July.  The fourth is over but it’s still a holiday weekend here and that means special times with special foods.  Because today is Saturday and we are all too quickly approaching mid-summer,  it also means that it is a day…

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chocolate and peach scones

Chocolate-Peach Scones

Here is to hoping that everyone reading this in the U.S. had a fun and relaxing Fourth of July, yesterday.  Regardless of where you are, it is Friday everywhere and many of us are entering a long weekend on the heels of a national holiday.  To summer I say, rock on!   Today’s post incorporates a seasonally summer…

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Greek Chicken and Rice in Fillo Dough on Platter Talk

Greek Chicken and Rice in Fillo Dough

This is my favorite kind of post.  It features a recipe that started with friends and ended with friends, and in between all of those friends is a a delicious meal (and a very smokey kitchen – more on that later.) Something different, beautiful, and enjoyable, appropriately reflective of the folks behind this dinner which…

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Italian Turkey sausage and marinara

Italian Turkey Sausage and Marinara

This past weekend was one of “those” times when everyone in our family would have been just fine to have done without.  You know the type of experiences that I’m talking about.  Our house furnace deciding suddenly to not function properly (requiring three repair calls in one day), frozen pipes and drains at our cottage,…

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wonton wraper sausage and ricotta

Wonton Wrapper Sausage and Ricotta Ravioli

Want to make God laugh?  Tell Him your plans.  Who hasn’t stared out down one path only to end up in a slightly different locale from where they had planned?  This seems like a pretty common experience in life and sometimes in the kitchen as well.  Happily our final destination for last night’s dinner was…

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Green Bean Dressing Casserole from Platter Talk

Green Bean Dressing Casserole

This past weekend has found us at one of our favorite places on the planet, our little cottage on a small lake in the middle of Nowhere, Wisconsin.  It’s been a month or so since we have been here and with one of the first beautiful weekends of spring there was work galore to be…

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Sweet Potatoe Chicken Pot Pie

Sweet Potato and Chicken Pot Pie

With the onset of the cold weather, my thoughts go to comfort.  That means warm sweaters, fleece blankets and of course great comfort food.

hazelnut tea cake

Hazelnut Tea Cake with Moscato Pears

This year perhaps more than any other, I have realized a benefit of where I work that seems to have become more and more apparent, every day.  This fall in particular it seems, that colleagues are bringing their harvest produce from home to share with everyone.  I’ve been the fortunate recipient of apples, cucumbers, tomatoes,…

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Salade Lyonnaise

Salade Lyonnaise

I ran across this recipe in Saveur and I was intrigued for a number of reasons.   Named after Lyon, France, I thought it was attractive and sounded like a great salad idea.  What really caught my attention though is that the bacon in this salad is boiled.   I had never heard of such a thing…

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